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Black Friday Deals

1) Buy 50 Units of Botox for $500 (Reg. $750)
2) Buy 150 Units of Dysport for $500 (Reg. $750)
3) Buy 100 Units of Botox for $950 (Reg. $1500)
4) Buy 300 Units of Dysport for $950 (Reg. $1500)
5) Buy 1 Syringe of Filler, get $100 off
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What Is Kybella Used For?

While we give kudos to those who were brave enough to participate in the #chinning challenge that swept through social media platforms a few years ago, there are many people who are too self-conscious to even poke fun at having a double chin. Having a double chin can be incredibly discouraging, so much so that people go to great lengths […]

Can you mix Dysport and Botox?

Is there any appearance-related concern that can’t be corrected by a cosmetic treatment? The past several years have seen a great deal of innovative cosmetic treatments, as well as inventive ways in how these treatments can be used. Whether your appearance-related concerns are moderate or severe, there is surely a cosmetic treatment that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. […]

Are Microdermabrasion Results Permanent?

Anything that contains the word abrasion might sound unpleasant, but microdermabrasion is different. This treatment delivers non-invasive, quick, and gentle results to give you a more vibrant appearance. When you come to OneLife Health & Performance in Palm Beach Gardens, FL for treatment, you get the added bonus of a caring and compassionate team.
Are Microdermabrasion Result Permanent?
Results of this treatment […]

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