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How Long Does Restylane Lyft Last?

Our skin is constantly aging, with new wrinkles seeming to form every passing month or even day. Wrinkles may seem unavoidable, due to the stressors that contribute to them and the natural aging process. These changes in your appearance can be disheartening if we can’t show the world the face we want to. Using an approach that blends science and […]

How Does PRP Microneedling Work?

Do you wish there was a way to boost your skin’s texture and appearance? If you do, you may want to consider PRP microneedling! It harnesses the amazing healing power of your own PRP and can make even the dullest skin brighter and more radiant. If you are interested in giving this treatment option a try, here at One Life […]

How Can You Add Volume to Your Cheeks? Discover Voluma

Have your cheeks started to show the signs of aging? Have you noticed volume loss or sagging skin in the area recently? If you’re looking to tighten the skin around your cheekbones, improve the contours of your cheek lines and restore youthful volume to the “apple” of your cheek, Voluma at One Life Health and Performance in Palm Beach Gardens, […]

What Is Juvederm Volbella Used for?

If you’re completely happy about your appearance, then you might be in the minority – because most of us, for better or worse, have at least one thing we would like to change about our looks. Whether it’s from the effects of aging or genetics, the size, shape, and volume of the lips can be a source of self-consciousness. Fortunately, […]

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