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Lisa’s health coaching insights or helpful achieving that physical and emotional balance but I was looking for 💛🌟

- Michelle Rosenbaum

OneLife completely changed my perspective on weight loss! For years I was battling with the number on the scale, but Dr. Winnard’s Body Composition Analyzer machine showed me my muscle mass, BMI, fat mass, hydration levels, and all the other aspects that make up my body. After Dr. Winnard went over my results with me I was able to see that I am more than just a number on a scale!

- Lacey

Highly recommend! You will not be disappointed. The staff is incredible and the services are beyond what I expected.

- Elizabeth Brownlee

Dr. Winnard and everyone associated with his practice always go above and beyond .Everyone is so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. You feel at ease when you walk into their beautiful office. Finally found a Doctor that spends quality time with his patients and it is very obvious he truly cares about his patients’ wellbeing!

- Brooke

Dr. Winnard, Lisa, Ryan and the entire staff are great. They’re all very knowledge , and I really like that the focus is on a personalize approach to preventative healthcare. They really take the time to make sure you have a full understanding of your lab results and are great at following up to make sure everything is going well even after you leave the office .
Their office is a wonderful addition to the Jupiter area.

- Ellen Clarke

OneLife Health & Performance Helped me get my body back on track. I was suffering from chronic pain and inflammation throughout my body. OneLife helped me get educated on what a balanced diet truly consist of and designed a workout routine to help me burn body fat while building lean muscle mass. Through OneLife I went from 195lbs. to a healthy and lean 175lbs. I feel better in both mind and body having used their program. Their preventative approach on Health and Medicine is amazing and I am extremely grateful for having gone through their awesome program. Two thumbs up!!!

- Richard Pavese

Dr. Winnard makes you feel like you are his only patient. He takes the time to ask the important questions and solve whatever health or weight problems you may be experiencing. He has changed my life and the way I view my health.

- Alexa, 23

OneLife and Dr. Winnard have taken my health to the next level. Before, I was crash dieting and my weight was constantly yo-yoing. Now, I know exactly what whole, nutritious foods will fuel my body and I feel like I did 20 years ago!

- Hal, 53

OneLife has me performing at a level I didn’t think was possible. My energy levels are sky high and my mental clarity has dramatically improved.

- Jan, 63

At first, I was skeptical about hormone replacement therapy, but thanks to Dr. Winnard’s knowledge and the time he put into our consultation I have been on hormone replacement for almost a year and feel like I’m 25 again!

- Judy, 51

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